The Komakai Academy of Karate Marion, Indiana was founded by Curt E. Jones Sensei. Mr. Jones began his study of Karate in 1967 at the Komakai Honbu Dojo in Anderson, Indiana under the direction of GoJuryu karate instructor Mr. Glenn R. Keeney.

The dojo began in 1977 when Mr. Jones began teaching a small group at his home, this group was known as the Gas City Komakai; in 1982 Mr. Jones moved the dojo to the Grant County YMCA and it became the Komakai Academy of Karate – Marion. This dojo was in operation for several years and sponsored the Central Indiana Karate Championships in Marion for several years until 1992.

In 1990, Mr. Jones, Mr. C. Michial Jones and Mr. Pat Mitchell opened the second Komakai Academy of komakai marionKarate in Marion. in a free standing building.The dojo soon became a competitive factor, placing third in Best Supporting School at the 1990-91 PKC National Tournament. In February of 1992 the dojo was moved to a better location and was nominated as the PKC Most Competitive School.The dojo continued to sponsor the Central Indiana Championships, which later evolved into the Central U.S. Open Karate Championships, and also hosted some PKC Indiana Kickboxing title fights.

301565_158406570910154_1841855793_nIn 1992, Mr. Jones moved and he opened the Komakai Academy of Self Defense in Indianapolis, leaving the Marion Dojo to his son and senior student; C. Michial Jones. In 1994 he closed the Marion Dojo and in 1996, he closed the Indianapolis dojo, he moved to Anderson and became the Senior Instructor at the Komakai Honbu, until 2004 when Mr. Keeney retired, Mr. Jones returned to Marion and Re-established the Marion Komakai, teaching at the YMCA.

In 2010, Mr. Jones revived the Central Indiana Tournament and this current dojo has followed tradition and become a competitive factor in Indiana Karate, as well as,  the PKC, USKK and USKA National circuits.

The Dojo is a sanctioned member of the Professional Karate Commission and the United States Karate-do Kai